Tiny Tots

About Us

Tiny Tots is an Early Childhood Educational Program. We provide quality and affordable childcare services. We provide a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and development while fostering a solid foundation of life-long learning for your child. We focus on developing professionals, parents and children by learning basic life skills and exploring fun filled opportunities for stimulating activities that will challenge every child to conquer the world, while nurturing their success and well-being as unique individuals

Our Mission

We provide quality, developmentally appropriate, and equal access to early childhood education to children and promote student achievement and preparation for competitiveness


Language & Literacy

We encourage communication and vocabulary development by creating a literacy-rich environment that introduces children to a wide range of stories, letters and words.


Children discover how to respect the feelings of others, while learning how they fit into the larger world using problem-solving activities to reinforce character education.


Hands-on experiences with basic math concepts help children learn the foundation of addition and subtraction, and different ways to compare quantities.

Science & Social Studies

Different types of families and community helpers are introduced as children explore geography and culture, and create fun science experiments. Children also share their own family experiences.

Creative Expression

Children create sounds, explore textures and discover music and art in various ways. Through music, art and imaginative play, they learn self-expression and creative thinking.

We love teaching kids

Joan William


Joan William is a Childcare Professional, Author and Consultant. She has M.S in Education (Early Childhood Studies) and currently doing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is the President of Tiny Tots. She believes in the well being of the children, irrespective of their personal circumstance, such as race, religion, gender, disability or cultural backgrounds. This extends to supporting families from diverse backgrounds. She is dedicated to building a safe, stimulating and educational environment for all, including the poor community. This environment ensures a warm, caring, supportive atmosphere where each child can succeed, grow, feel loved and secure and develop a sense of belonging.